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CVS Training Course


To make the most of the course, previous exposure to versioning systems is advised but is not essential.


This course, gets you started as a competent CVS user. At the end of the course you would be qualified enough to use CVS for your day to day versioning requirements.

Course Outline:

Introduction to versioning
Basic concepts

  • Adding Files
  • Adding Directories
  • CVS And Binary Files
  • Removing Files
  • Removing Directories
  • Renaming Files And Directories
  • Avoiding Option Fatigue
  • Getting Snapshots (Dates And Tagging)
  • Acceptable Date Formats
  • Marking A Moment In Time (Tags)

Branching & Tagging

  • Branching Basics
  • Merging Changes From Branch To Trunk
  • Multiple Merges
  • Creating A Tag Or Branch Without A Working Copy

Course Duration:

1 day

This training can be organised both in our classrooms or in your own offices. Contact for more details.

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